In fingernails
and hair that trails
down the back, snake
Leaving welts, reddish
in the muddy light of a too-dim lamp.
DNA scrapings
from the crescent moons
that would match
the worst criminal.
The one who accepts all the blame
and lives for it, grinning.


This hook
Question mark inversion
Shepherd’s crook
Popped, bloodied through a lip
Lifted, dragged out saltwater
Each breath harder to gasp

Spasms on concrete
Silver glints in the sun
That runs a bloody perversion
But tastes succulent

a circular path

the trail grows cold
molecules dispersed to the four winds
ground by sun
drowned by rain
someone loved passed this way
laid footprints into earth
carved the air
shrugged and
pressed forward, in a form of fleeing
and a kind of leading
now the salt bears wounds
hands rubbed raw from falling
doves huddle over old rose arches
twined and threaded like a barbed net
remain uncaught
remain ever-glist in thoughts
even as the sun sets

god is in the vitamins

i decapitate mushrooms
with the teeth set gleaming in a
face hidden by velvet straw hair
it’s vicious
flaying skin off sweet potato
so the flesh beams orange, stains nails
and five knives to choose from
slice nicely
maiden blades winking chilly, steel kisses
nothing stays the hand
i want to see the juice leak
the cloudy sap of tears
victims, victims ready for searing